Tips to Pack Wardrobes and Beds during Home Move

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Home relocation is a big undertaking. You have to pack each and every item for home move. In this article I will let you know the tips to pack wardrobes and beds for home move.

Tips to pack wardrobe:

There must be many wardrobes in your home. You need to pack all the clothes of your wardrobe for home move. You will need packing supplies like packing bags, garbage bags, cartons, tapes, etc to pack the clothes. You can easily pack all the clothes of your wardrobe. Keep all daily use clothes in the garbage bags and tie the plastic properly.

Keep all small clothes like handkerchiefs, socks, undergarments, etc in separate small plastic bags and keep them in carton. Now seal the carton and label properly.

Keep all folded and creased clothes in the carton. It is very easy to pack clothes. There must be other items in your wardrobe boxes besides clothes. Keep them in separate cartons and seal the cartons. In this way, you can easily and safely pack all wardrobe items.

Tips to pack beds:

Empty the items from the bed boxes. Pack them separately in carton or bag as per the nature of the items. Now remove the mattress, pillow and cushions from the bed. Fold the bed sheets. You can now easily pack the beds. Bring mattress box to pack the mattresses and pillows.

Dismantle the detachable portions of the beds. You can remove the legs and side stands. Remove the middle portions. Now you can pack these parts one by one. You need not buy additional packing supplies to pack beds. Just cover them with old blankets and tie with the ropes. You can easily move the beds to the final destination. Safely load the bed and other items in the trucks and move them properly.

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Tips to Pack Wardrobes and Beds during Home Move

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This article was published on 2010/11/29