Packing Tips for Safe Trouble-Free Shipping of Home Stuffs

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In shipping home to new place, packing is the job that can ensure safety of your valuable stuffs during transportation. Proper packing has great importance in safe and sound transportation of goods. It saves your valuable stuffs from several unwanted damages in transportation. But packing of variety of home stuffs is not a simple job. Different types of stuffs must be packed in appropriate manner. Some important tips for packing of home stuffs are following.

Before start packing you should make a list of items that you want to shift. Discard all the stuffs that you don’t want at your new residence. Purchase packing supplies from any reputed shop. For packing home belongings you will need sturdy cardboard boxes, wrapping sheets, bubble wrappers, cushioning material, labeling marker, packing tape and dispenser. Purchase suitable amount of these stuffs according to type and quantity of stuffs that you want to shift.

Start packing of your home stuffs that don’t have use before shifting. Like pack your winter clothes, quilts and blankets first if you are going to shift in summers and vice versa. You should take more care of your weak and delicate items. Wrap them with good quality bubble wrappers identically and group in appropriate size of boxes with proper cushioning stuffs. If there is any empty space between items also fill them cushioning stuffs to restrict their movements. Mark these boxes as fragile and take special care of them in loading, unloading and shipping.

Dissemble your large and bulky furniture in small parts. Also properly number each part so that you can easily assemble them at your new residence. Cover them using good quality moving blankets and rubber pads. Moving blankets are made of strong fabrics and specially used in packing of heavy home stuffs like furniture, electronics, etc. It will save your bulky furniture from several damages and scratches as well.

For large electronics like washing machine, television, refrigerator, etc use their original cartons if available otherwise you can also purchase double-layered sturdy cardboard boxes of appropriate size of boxes. Also use sufficient padding stuffs to properly pack them. You should all your electronic stuffs switch-off at least one day before packing schedule so that they become in cool and dry. You can take out fixtures and pack them separately in plastic bags as well. Also fix loose parts with fixing tapes.

These are the some simple and important tips for packing of household stuffs. If you are going to relocate and decided to pack your stuffs by self, follow these simple tips to make your move safe and trouble-free.


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Packing Tips for Safe Trouble-Free Shipping of Home Stuffs

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Packing Tips for Safe Trouble-Free Shipping of Home Stuffs

This article was published on 2013/09/13