Packing Antiques During Container Moving

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When container moving units are the preferred relocation solution, customers do the packing themselves. After receiving the empty container in the driveway, the customer can take time packing the household items. Special care should be taken when packing antiques such as furniture, artwork, china, and collectibles.

These items are very valuable and they should be packed in a manner that secures them during the move. Taking some extra time to wrap, protect, and place these items into the container properly can mean the difference between a smooth move and some broken valuables. Prior to packing, take inventory of these precious items and have each of them appraised.

When purchasing or borrowing packing supplies, do not purchase low-quality products just to save money. Boxes should be sturdy and either reinforced or cushioned. Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and padding will likely be needed. Each item should be wrapped individually to provide extra reinforcement. Using non-printed paper for wrapping will eliminate the possibility of ink rubbing off or marring the finish.

Once the items have been wrapped in paper, wrap them in bubble wrap, and then cover this with a second layer of paper. Placing the bubble wrap directly on the item can cause plasticizer in the wrap to react to paint contained on the item. Any large pieces of furniture should be prepared by removing handles, knobs, and shelves. Furniture should be wrapped in mattress pads or blankets and then tightly secured with packing tape.

All framed artwork should be wrapped in non-printed paper and bubble wrap. Cardboard should be placed around it and the item should be put into a flat picture box. To protect mirrors before placing them in container moving units, make an “X” across the front of the mirror with packing tape, then follow the packing steps for framed artwork, filling spaces with cardboard or wads of paper.

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Packing Antiques During Container Moving

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Packing Antiques During Container Moving

This article was published on 2011/08/06